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Hi The cable from the tv aerial on my roof comes down the outside of the building and then enters the sitting room through a hole drilled through the...

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Satcure recommend you push the prepared end into silicone grease and then screw on the f connector. If you have 4 connections to make, tape can be awkward I use lnb boots (slide them over the cable before fitting the f connector. Moulded Rubber Boot x 5 by electrosmart® for Weather: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

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It’s really personal preference. Crimped connectors will be the most reliable (provided they are done correctly) and the strongest connector (vs. pull) but it requires specific tooling for crimping and stripping the cable and connector. Compr...

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Bremtech Products Bremtech Silicone Grease is used to lubricate slider pins and guide tubes. Bremtech products include, brake pad fitting kits, brake caliper fitting kits, brake caliper slider pins, brake shoe fitting kits and wear sensor leads all supplied from our warehouse in the UK.

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Anybody got a good contact in the Chania area (south west) that does the sort of repair and set-up that Graeme Cook used to do, i.e. knows how to set up a Sky dish.

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I already have silicone grease so more won't be needed but thanks, anyway. It's an interesting possible solution which hadn't occurred to me (nor anyone else I'd asked) but it'd make me nervous to try it. Maybe I'm being a bit dense but, before I start spreading thin coats of grease everywhere, what, exactly, do you mean by 'contacts'?

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In the book "Electrics Afloat", the author suggests using vaseline on thru deck glands to make them them waterproof but warns against getting any vaseline on the actual connections as it would act as an electrical insulator. I have read in numerous places to protect battery terminals with vaseline. Would this not diminish the electrical connectivity between post and cable?

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My own dish has screw on f-plugs and a blob of silicone grease, never any problems over the last two years. Perfect reception. Amalgamating tape on a single or twin lnb is fine, but try it on a quad to wrap each output separately and I guarantee you will be ready to commit murder in a short time.

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Sparky, the grease alluded to is silicone grease which is like---grease, & helps you create excellent F-Plug connections. Do not be tempted to use ordinary grease for this work. It is also available from Satcure.co.uk who could also provide with the correct size of F-Plug if you quote the exact outside diameter of your cable.

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Hello Graham, The unit and silicone arrived promptly and today I exchanged it on the dish. I was able to fit the new unit using the existing bracket, the ones that arrived with the unit were not compatible with the arm I have.

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DIY : Installing an LNB for Freesat - help plz! Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Type_R, ... The F-Connectors fit on both ends, 1 into the LNB and 1 to the device. ... Problem with Satcure is a tube for silicone grease is £3.95 and add delivery comes to about £9!

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How to fit 'F' Connectors to coaxial cable. for UK Sky and Freesat and Virgin cable and US TV ... Reading your mention of silicone grease took me back to a radio programme I heard on the old BBC Radio London when Johnny Longdon was the engineer there and used to broadcast a technical session once a month. ... aerials and one of the BBC riggers ...

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Mine gets soaked from a bit of bad guttering that I haven't fixed yet so it's good that mine has both silicone grease AND tape. If in doubt, a bit of extra money and time spent now, may stop the need for you to go up the ladder again in a few months after having to buy a new LNB as yours is waterlogged.

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Your dpc will be separated by a cavity and need to be inline The height will be govend by what you are doing inside If you lay one block on the slab then dpc on top of that Then the internal floor will be filled with insulation and screed to finish flush with dpc In my case I was still a little t...

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I suspect a poor F connector - it is a frequent setup problem as the HDR-1000S only checks during initial setup. You will need to refit the F connectors - these need to make an electrical connection and they should be tight if the correct size for the cable was used. Here is a helpful page - Ignore the silicone grease on the internal connection.

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The cables are fitted with F connectors. These have a screw thread for attaching the lead to the LNB. The F connectors themselves simply screw on to the end of the cables. You might find it easier to take off the plugs when routing the cable, then fit the plugs back on before reconnecting. Here's a How To on fitting F plugs from the Satcure site

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A smooth, silicone, grease-like material which maintains relatively constant consistency over operating temperature range. It has excellent dielectric properties and is also highly water repellent. It can be used as a filling or a coating to exclude moisture or prevent electronic leakage under damp conditions in electronic equipment.

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Due to decorating postponed from last year, I had redirected the coax (outside a conservatory), joined an extension coax with two F plugs & middle connector,placed the join well off the ground in a plastic temporary cover with tape at each end of the coax to waterproof it, anyhow decided to redirect it yesterday, opened the plastic to find the middle connector had a white coating (external ...

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I want to re-route my cable through a hole which means I need to remove a plug then re-attach. I have two options neither of which seem to unscrew; do I need to cut them off?